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Carl's Impactful Journey

Carl Runefelt's transformative journey from a grocery store cashier in Stockholm to a crypto industry titan in Dubai is a testament to the power of vision coupled with relentless perseverance.

Carl has shown that a combination of strategic investments, robust mindset, and an unwavering dedication to continuous learning and self-improvement can lead to monumental success in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency.

CEO of The Moon Group
Founder and CEO of
Active investments in more than 400 crypto projects
Sponsored Campos Racing and Ralph Boschung for Formula 2 Season 2022 and 2023
As a Philanthropist, Carl actively donates to charities supporting children with Down syndrome and other disabilities


Carl Runefelt's entrepreneurial success has been driven by his strong confidence in the potential of cryptocurrencies and commitment to maintaining the right mindset and vision for the future. Carl has invested in several game-changing projects in the crypto and blockchain sector. His firm belief in the law of attraction has often been the driving force behind taking passionate yet highly rewarding investment decisions. As Carl continues to make waves in the web3 space, his legacy as an entrepreneur extraordinaire only grows stronger.


Carl is a multifaceted crypto entrepreneur and investor, famous for his strategic investments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. His impactful technical analysis on the crypto and blockchain industry has solidified his position as an influential figure in the cryptocurrency realm. Having already invested in more than 400 crypto startups, Carl is passionate about playing an impactful role in the consistent growth of the crypto industry.

Carl's strategic approach to investing in cryptocurrencies has not only yielded impressive returns but also positioned him as a trusted advisor for those seeking guidance in this fast-paced crypto world. As the cryptocurrency market continues to grow, Carl Runefelt remains at the forefront, shaping the future of digital investments with his expertise and foresight.


Carl Runefelt is a singer and songwriter. He is a passionate musician who started his first ever YouTube channel in 2011 where he uploaded videos of him singing covers of famous songs. He plays guitar, piano, drums, sings, and composes and produces his own original songs. Carl is currently working on new music for his fans so follow him on Spotify to be the first to know when it's out.

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Philanthropy is a cornerstone of Carl’s ethos, as evidenced by his donations to various causes, especially those supporting children with disabilities. This aligns with his broader vision of leveraging wealth to effect positive societal change.

Carl's philanthropy, driven by his brother's experience with Down syndrome, includes significant donations to organizations like the Emirates Down Syndrome Association (EDSA), totaling over AED 300,000.

Carl donated $100,000 to the EB Research Partnership, supporting research for Epidermolysis Bullosa treatments and cures.

Carl’s Strong Bond with His Brother

Carl’s continued support for charity organizations is rooted in his first-hand experience with the challenges faced by his brother who has Down Syndrome. He is in awe of his brother's courage and determination who also has a heart condition and battled cancer early in his life. Carl's heart is filled with empathy and compassion, motivating him to make significant contributions and actively participate in initiatives dedicated to enhancing the lives of children with disabilities.

Formula 2 Sponsorship

Carl Runefelt intertwined his passion for motorsports and philanthropy by unveiling his partnership with Ralph Boschung and Campos Racing for the Formula 2 seasons 2022 and 2023. Carl leveraged this partnership to raise awareness about cryptocurrency adoption, and receive donations for charity organizations that support children with Down Syndrome.

The sponsorship not only proved to be a massive success on the charity front but on the racetrack as well.

Carls Formula 2 Sponsorship on YouTube
Follow Carl’s Journey

Carl leverages his robust social media presence to maintain direct communication with his dedicated followers, while sharing his personal journey as a seasoned entrepreneur.

Carl’s lifestyle channel “Carl Runefelt Vlogs” features videos about Carl’s thrilling journeys across the globe, offering striking footage and remarkable storytelling. Carl also shares industry insights, key market trends and latest engagements with industry experts on his social media channels.

Following Carl's social channels can serve as a tremendous source of motivation and inspiration for everyone who wants to make it big in their lives.

Follow The Moon Channels

Carl also interacts with his audience on The Moon Channels, educating masses about trading, crypto investment and successful startups. It is an ideal platform for visionary entrepreneurs and passionate enthusiasts to learn and embark on a journey towards innovation and success. With high-value informative content shared on The Moon Channels, Carl is set to drive technological advancements and play a significant role in the overall industry growth.

Join him on this exciting journey of innovation and transformation.

Listen to Carl’s Music

Carl’s voice is a perfect blend of melody and joy, captivating listeners and leaving them craving for more. Every note he sings is filled with pure passion, and this passion is evident in every aspect of his music. From soulful melodies to breathtaking compositions, Carl's musical creations are nothing short of incredible.

Immerse yourself in the magic of Carl's songs, available on all major audio and video streaming platforms.

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